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The ATG range of offers

The exceptional diversity of Yemen provides us with an abundance of possibilities that we are able to offer to our visitors. Ranges of high mountains with breathtaking canyons, hundreds of kilometres of coastlines along the Red Sea and Indian Ocean, islands, steppe, stony and sand deserts… round trips, trekking, and diving, all with many variations. It does not matter whether you ramble around the Yemen, experience it with camels or donkeys, enjoy the countryside on your way to visit the cultural places of interest, or just let yourself become fascinated by the incomparable under water world, you will most certainly return home with the memories of an unforgettable experience.
We operate in all areas of tourism that are possible in Yemen.

  • Round trips for groups and individualists
  • Support for cruise liners
  • Trekking and adventure trips
  • Diving tourism
  • Incentives
  • Conferences

If you have any other ideas that reach beyond that already mentioned, then test our possibilities and creativity. Make your dream come true by writing to us at


Fishing boats in Mukalla

Temple in Marib

Old Town of Sana’a

"Rock palace" of Wadi Dahr